Bits & Peices

Bits & Peices

In putting together the material for this past projects section, I came upon a lot of "loose" audio...various bits that didn't really fit in with a full project, didn't get fully finished and released, or were just me and my friends having some fun recording.

Turns out there were some real gems, both as great songs, or as really entertaining comedy (like the Gatorade commercial demo I played on for Ursula - no, it didn't go national).

I included Casey's On The Beach, produced by Byron Isaacs and featuring him and members of Ollabelle, because it's an example of me playing the last thing that anyone would ever expect of me: a jangly happy jazzy guitar hook (and it totally ties the song together!).

I recorded Brian Cullman's J'attends in Byron Isaacs living room with lots of overdub help from other members of Byron's band Ollabelle, and me on melodica.

Byron's Baby's Being Good to Me is a damn great song, and cheers me up whenever I'm down. I'm singing backups, and playing some more melodica.

John Simpson is an amazing singer/songwriter and was a roommate for a time. We demoed a batch of songs one afternoon in one take, including this track, Old Friends.

Then there are 3 songs of mine. Certainly not the only ones, but some that I had fun playing everything on, most likely at 3 in the morning.

I'm sure I'll find lots of other stuff to post up here lying around on hard drives, but these a good start, so have fun :) - DW