Clouds Taste Satanic

Clouds Taste Satanic
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    To Sleep Beyond the Earth (Parts I & II)

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    To Sleep Beyond the Earth (Parts III & IV)

Clouds Taste Satanic is essentially Gatos de Sensei on hiatus. Sean had to end regular rehearsals and shows due to his going back to med school and my planning a wedding and going to life coaching school. Steve had this material that he was working on and a newfound love of DOOM Metal. So while the rest of us were all running around like crazy headless chickens, he simply moved forward with Nadim at Let Em' In Studios and started tracking these majestic tracks. Sean & Christy went in to do rhythm tracks and after all the rest of the peices were finished, I put some of my secret sauce guitar playing on. No vocals, purely instrumental DOOM. 

I think this is an AWESOME record. And apparently so does a large number of European DOOM metal enthusiests, if the shear number of positive reviews on metal blogs coming in is any indication. It's also one of the first times in a while that I've had to sign fan memorabilia by their own request. Sometimes putting yourself into a well defined box and just pushing a bit on the edges can have startling results :)