Elise Evans

Elise Evans

I met Elise back when I was playing shows with Skywriter, around 2003...she and Dave Doobinin are old friends. At the time she was just getting into songwriting and playing guitar. I gave her a few guitar lessons before she left NYC to go back to her hometown of Houston, TX to try and make her real start as a musical artist.

She came back to NYC around 2008 after trying to make a record down in TX. But she wasn't completely happy with the way the stuff came out. From my perspective, the TX recordings were unfocused and suffered from what I hear as a "too many cooks" problem (ie everyone and no one was producing). However, the recordings did help her to start playing shows here in NYC and intrigued musicians Brian Reeder on piano and Joe Ongie on bass who joined her in shows around town.

At first, Elise was too shy to ask me to play guitar. But I heard something going on that I wanted to be a part of so I said, "hey, guess what, I'm playing guitar for you now." I brought in drummer Rohin Khomeni from For Feather who is an absolute joy to work and hang with, and we started working on her 3 song demo.

I engineered the sessions and played guitar. The band collectively arranged the material in rehearsals. The basics were tracked live at Let Em' In Studio, the guitar and percussion overdubs at my home studio. The vocals were tracked a final session at Let Em' In using my Lawson mic, which Elise sounds incredible on. I mixed the songs at home, going for a dry, intimate, and sultry vibe, then handed them off to Mastering Engineer Alan Silverman for the finishing touches.

I LOVE these tracks.

We're gearing up to take the band into the studio to record more new songs this summer, so keep your eyes and ears peeled. In the meantime, if you like these, go grab them at iTunes and come see us live!