For Feather

For Feather
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    Firing At Love Field - Sumo Wrestler

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    Firing At Love Field - Hidden In Plain Sight

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    Firing At Love Field - Hey Bulldog

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    Firing At Love Field - Anticipate

In the fall of 2007, Evan Silverman contacted me and asked me to check out his band called Bella (which was later changed to For Feather), lead by singer songwriter Erica Glyn. The band centered around a completely non-standard instrumentation: the drummer played a unique combination of a marimba (sort of like a wooden vibraphone) with a drum kit crafted around it. Evan was playing upright bass and Erica sang and played electric guitar.

I played my normal live gear, but also a fair amount of keys on the recordings (check out the synths on Hidden In Plain Sight and the faux horns on the cover of the Beatles' Hey Bulldog). Erica, who is also a recording engineer, and I worked together to track and record Firing At Love Field, which was then mixed by Joel Hamilton at Studio G.

Erica has an amazing new record out called Static