Gatos de Sensei

Gatos de Sensei
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    Secret Art - Secret Art/Melting Hopeful

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    Secret Art - Seething Grey

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    Secret Art - Die Monster Die/Set On Stun

Christy and Steve from Mold started getting together every once and a while and jamming the tunes for Gatos de Sensei, while I was still at massage school. Mostly to "get out of the house/away for the kids" as they tell it. After about a year of that, Christy started to get bored and said, "we need a guitarist....let's call David, he's back in NYC again." I came down and the old MOLD vibe was still alive and well, with a new attitude and direction. We kept looking for/trying out bass players, but nobody stuck.

Never one to just jam without a goal, I challenged us to prepare the material for Secret Art and go into the studio to record an EP. We got over the lack of bass player hurdle with a simple solution: I switched to bass while we were rehearsing the basic tracks and tracked bass live in the studio while also producing/engineering. Steve did some Google research and came up with Let Em' In Studio as a possible place to record.

A very lucky find! Nadim Issa has built something very cool there: a low cost but high quality room with enough premium gear to track a solid record without breaking the bank. He also allows folks to rent the room using their own engineer at a lower daily rate. So I boosted the gear list with my own mics and pres, handled engineering, and we tracked the basics (drums, bass, some rhythm guitar, and some of the keys) in one day. We then tracked the rest of the guitars, keys, and percussion at my home studio and mixed the EP there as well. Denise Barbarita mastered the record for us.

Secret Art is a purely music focused album: sans vocals of any kind, the entire set is meant to be listened to as one solid 20 minute "suite" of instrumental rock largess. It runs the gambit from spooky spacey texture and circus-like 60's Pet Sounds quirk, to straight up 70's Black Sabbath hyper-aggressive riff rock. It was also a ton of fun to produce and mix.

Go grab your own copy at bandcamp, take some drugs, put on your headphones, and commence with the vibey surreal head banging.

We just finished our newest EP Welcome All Species. Check it out in the current projects section.