Gatos de Sensei

Gatos de Sensei

Gatos de Sensei is the brainchild of Steve Scavuzzo, Christy Davis, and I, reunited in 2008 after our MOLD breakup. We started as a trio, recording Secret Art in 2009 with me on both bass and lead guitar after going through a few bassists that just didn't mesh with us. And while Secret Art is a KILLER record, we wanted to play shows.

Luckily, Secret Art attracted the attention of bassist Sean Bay, whose avid love of prog-rock, jazz and metal fits in perfectly with our sound. Sean has made the now fully staffed incarnation of Gatos his own, writing a good portion of our new material, including the epic Black Salad on our new, soon to be officially released, EP Welcome All Species. He's also made it possible for us to play live shows, which ROCK.

The basic tracks for Welcome All Species were again recorded at Let Em' In Studios with me both engineering and playing bass. We then overdubbed a ton more guitars, more keys, and some percussion at my home studio, and I mixed the record here. Christy's friend Steven Berson at Total Sonic Mastering did a stellar job providing the finishing touches.

At this point, we've pretty much accepted that this band is really just NOT about 3 minute pop songs. The shortest track on the EP, Victim 7, is in fact 7 and a half minutes long. The other two tracks are 8 and a half. All three follow what's now almost a Gatos formula: through-composed sections that tell a sordid story, related in the sense that the parts of a film score or an opera are related. You can almost picture yourself as the main character in a kung fu flick renouncing Buddhism while running through the streets of Shanghai on your way to avenge your brutally murdered sister...and your weapon of choice is a Gibson.