Guitar Production

Photo by Zack DeZon

A singer's wife asked me once, "how do you do what you sound like no one else!?" I responded that the secret was putting the sound of a child singing to his or herself through the filter of a fuzz box and a ton of warped delay. The result is something so melodically simple that anyone can easily sing along yet so sonically complex that you find yourself engaged each and every time you hear it. Well, that and throwing in a few Pete Townsend windmills from time to time...

As a guitar player, I know what I like and I have a clearly identifiable sound that is unique. The chain of my Les Paul Junior, though my main pedalboard, through my Ampeg VT-40, mic'ed with a Shure sm7, through my UA preamps is like an extension of my brain and I can make it do ridiculously unreal sonic things.

That being said, I can pick up just about anything in the studio and make it sound awesome, and I know the sounds of lots of different guitars, amps, and pedals inside and out. So, I am totally willing to construct a sequence of gear that I've never played through before in the quest for matching the perfect tones to a piece of music.

As the past and current project sections show, I've done a LOT of studio recording. At my newest home studio, which is especially well set up for guitar tracking, I did all of the guitar overdubs for the two Gatos de Sensei recordings, and for the Elise Evans recordings. If you'd like to hear what I can do for your music, send or bring your files, or call me into your studio and I'll lay down tracks that will bring your songs to a brand new magical level.