Jupiter Sextant

Jupiter Sextant

Jupiter Sextant is unique among my current projects, in that I'm purely a producer and engineer, and not also playing on the record. My cousin Lars Jacobsen is an amazing tenor and soprano saxophonist. He also plays clarinet, bass clarinet, and flute, and keyboards as well. Gabe Shuford is a brilliant keyboardist (his main instrument is actually the harpsichord), equally at home in classical, jazz, funk, or rock.

Both are featured prominently on the 2nd & 3rd Black Sea albums (Set & Setting, and Keep On Diggin'). While we were laying tracks for Keep On Diggin', I had mics set up to record both Lars on woodwinds, and Gabe on Fender Rhodes. We wound up finishing all the overdubs in half the time allotted. I thought it was a shame to waste good sounds and all the set up time, so we started tracking impromptu duets of stuff that they were jamming on together (you can actually hear Lars dropping his metal sax mouthpiece cover during Multilateral). These sounded so good, we made a whole record, including going out to my mom's in NJ to use her amazing 1896 Conover grand piano for several of the tracks.

The self-titled Jupiter Sextant was finished and released in 2009. Most of it was tracked using just 3-4 mics at a time, and might just be the ultimate product showcase for my Lawson and stereo omni Gefell mics (listen to Here Again, just those 3 mics, a bit of compression and reverb, and absolutely no eq at all!). Give it a listen here and then grab your copy on iTunes.

We are mostly finished with the 2nd Jupiter Sextant album, adding phenomenal drummer John Bollinger to the mix for a trio. Everything is tracked, and we are polishing up the mixes, so it should be out by summer!