When Steve Schiltz decided to concentrate solely on his own band Longwave, Scout was left with a record that he played on that was getting a lot of industry attention, but no guitar player to play shows, and more importantly showcases. I don't actually remember who approached me about filling in...I think it was Steve, but it may have been manager Marylin D'Amato. In any case, I agreed to help out.

We played a lot of awesome shows, including the opening slot for The Corrs, Better Than Ezra, and Smash Mouth which is the show I pulled these live version from. State O' Maine is especially trippy for me to hear...I'm singing the background vocal in front of an audience of about 3,000 in the year 2,000. I don't think I'd truly gotten comfortable with my singing voice until, like, 2008.

We also got to be on an episode of the Sopranos, my one acting credit. (no really, see the youtube link).

Despite all these big shows, having to play another player's parts show after show, and catching flack for trying to alter them and make them my own sound took it's toll. I left the band after a year to concentrate on other projects.

Ashen has a new Scout album All These Relays out with and Steve Schiltz returning on guitar.