For the past several years Dave Doobinin has been playing with awesome guitarist Chris Foley. Foley is a good friend of mine and a kindred spirit as a guitarist. He's a bit more of a classic rock player than I am, and I am a bit more of a weirdo 70's/80's texturalist...but it's subtle: when I was doing my first shows fronting my own band the Visitors I asked Foley to play 2nd lead guitar to free me up to focus on singing. There are tracks on the upcoming record that most people think are mine that are in fact his, and vice-versa.

After I got back to NYC in 2008, I re-introduced myself to the city in part by going out to see my friends shows, including Dave's. I'd have fun just hanging out listening to old and new tunes and grabbing drinks with the old crew. Inevitably though, someone would say something like, "oh I remember when Skywriter played together...when is that going to happen again?!" I'd say something like, "oh...that would be fun...whenever Dave decides to make it happen." Every once in awhile I'd get these 1 am texts from Dave about how great the old stuff was and that we should try and play again. I'd respond, "name the time and place and I'll be there." Then I wouldn't hear from him for a month or two...

Well last fall we finally decided to see what would happen if we got in a room together and made some new music. These newest tracks were recorded in two days, almost completely live, up at Henry Hirsh's studio in Hudson, NY with engineer Greg di Gesu. And, what can I say....they are AWESOME. They rock every bit as hard as the old Skywriter but also have this sassy Kinks meets Iggy Pop shuffle thing happening that is adding a whole new level of "n' roll" to the rock. It's exciting! Give them a listen.