Skywriter (Early 2000's)

Skywriter (Early 2000's)
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    Skywriter EP - Feels Like Forever

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    Skywriter EP - Faraway

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    Skywriter EP - Drunk Driving (For You)

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    Skywriter EP Outtakes - You've Got the Right

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    Skywriter EP Outtakes - Kimberly

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    Skywriter EP Outtakes - Improvised Tonepoem

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    Canal St Recordings - Big Sky Mind

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    Canal St Recordings - War Song

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    Luna Lounge 01.09.03 - Sun Sun Away

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    Luna Lounge 01.09.03 - Looking Forward

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    Luna Lounge 01.09.03 - Prisoner

Around 2000, Karen Hogg was playing in an amazing band called Loud Tzu that had members of The Mother Sound, The Bamboo Kids, and Gift Horse. The bass player Dan Green, who played in a lot of bands, approached me with a demo tape for singer Dave Doobinin. I told him I didn't like it all that much and passed on getting involved. About a year and a half later I saw the first incarnation of their band Skywriter at Luna Lounge and was blown away by their Bowie-esque attempts at epic-ness. I was like, "THIS is what you guys were going after with that tape?! Well why the hell didn't you say so.....I should be playing guitar in this band."

Randomly a week later I was eating lunch by myself at an outside table at Sidewalk Cafe. I turned around to see Dave Doobinin also eating lunch by himself a couple of tables away. I said, "hey, you're in that band Skywriter, aren't you? You need me to play lead guitar in your band."

Turned out the lead guitar player had just moved out of the city and the drummer had gone on tour. So we started doing duet shows with him on acoustic guitar and me on electric and melodica. We added singer/keyboard player Brianna Winter for a while (resulting in an amazing and surreal jaunt down to SXSW as a trio in my Honda Civic hatchback), then finally added drummer Jules Radino and bass player Frank Carreno. Miko (who designed this site!) joined us on keys when Brianna left NYC.

At our musical peak, our live shows were hitting a magical U2 meets the Pixies arena rock level of rock, but our interpersonal dynamics were sadly a bit more Spinal Tap. During our last show Frank spit beer directly into Doobinin's face, Dave stalked off stage mid-song and walked straight out of Luna Lounge ending the set with four songs left to go. The band never recovered. I was devastated and angry enough that I didn't talk to Dave for years and he went on to drop the Skywriter name and play under his own name with various different musicians backing him up.

We've long since patched things up, and the newly reformed Skywriter just completed a killer new five song EP, which you NEED to check out in the current projects section. In the meantime, this mix of finished and unfinished studio recordings, and live bootlegs are a good primer for what we were trying to do back then.....

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