Studio Production

Photos by Zack DeZon

I never really set out to be a studio lots of other musicians turned engineers, I was often dissatisfied with how records of many of the bands I was in wound up sounding. However, when things did sound great, I always asked lots of questions about how things were being recorded. If you work with dozens of top notch producers and engineers and ask a lot of questions, and make a lot of recordings yourself, eventually you actually get to the point that you know what you are doing.

I find making records fascinating and fun. It's totally engaging for my creativity, curiosity and ears...I get to know and affect what's going on with the entire signal chain to create a memorable sound and performance. I engineered and mixed the Jupiter Sextent album, the 3 Black Sea records, and more recently the Gatos de Sensei EP, the Elise Evans EP, and, of course, my own album. I'm proud of all of these recordings and enjoy listening to them over and over again. I also assisted with engineering and mixing on a whole host of other records.

If you have a band with a great sound but haven't yet managed to capture that sound let's chat about your project and make a record! Whether you already have a defined sound that needs to be documented, or want someone to come in and help with arrangements, sounds, parts, feels, etc, I'd love to help you make an awesome album.